Friends of St. Nicholas Church (FOSN)

The Friends of St Nicholas Church is a charitable Trust which raises funds for the church building, where all donations or grants may only be used on the upkeep of the fabric of the church and not diverted to any other end.

St Nicholas Church is nearly a thousand years old and is a grade II* listed building and is situated in a conservation area. It is the oldest building in Peopleton. Below is a slideshow of some of the work we have done. Work done and costs Dec 2017 tells you what FOSN has done since its foundation in 2009.

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The Trustees are independent of the Parochial Church Council, the Diocese of Worcester or any other group. We are a registered charity, the Charity Commission Number is 1127575. To find out more about us go onto the Charity Commission website:

Enter the number in the “find a charity” part of the site and this will give information on our finances. For information about making a donation click How to make a donation Dec 2017.

FOSN also runs the “One Hundred Club”. Despite its name it has ninety four members, so maybe you could become number ninety five? There is a prize draw every month of £80, £40, £25, £20 and two lots of £10. At only £5 a month, there’s a better chance to win a prize than in the Lottery. Contact Selwyn Brough on 07962252283 to become a member .

To find out about the FOSN constitution and more about what we do please contact:

Phil Mullington (Secretary of FOSN), 9 Perry Mill Road, Peopleton, Worcestershire WR10 2EW, tel. 01905 841278, or email