Pure hardwood charcoal at The Pantry


We now stock sustainable and local hardwood charcoal from Herefordshire.

Birchwood Forestry produce high quality sustainable firewood, charcoal and wood products within the heart of Herefordshire. By management of their own woodland we can encourage natural regeneration and a sustainable area for generations to come. for more information go to https://www.birchwoodforestry.co.uk/



We now have a range of products at discounted prices. Initially we have Pringles, Tetley tea bags, Kenco coffee, and Uncle Ben’s rice.

  • Pringles at £1.10 a tube are about  half the price of supermarkets.
  • Tetley tea bags at £2 are the same price as the supermarket.
  • Kenco instant coffees are cheaper than elsewhere: decaff is £2.70 and rich is £2.50.
  • Uncle Ben’s microwave rice pouches are £1; we have long grain and golden vegetable. Excellent price.

Come and buy some while stocks last!