The name Peopleton was originally “Piplinogtune” meaning “Pyppel’s farmstead (or estate)”. The village is mentioned in the Doomsday book when it was known as Piplintune.

The Worcestershire map in John Speed’s Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine refers to Peopleton as “Pippleton.

The village school was closed after the Second World War, and the building is now used as a private residence.

The only school in the village is now Bowbrook House School, an independent day school, situated in a mansion at the south endof the village.

This house was previously occupied by parish benefactor Caroline Baroness Norton and, later, by the parents of Barbara Cartland; in the Second World War it was used by Morgan Crucible to accommodate European Voluntary Workers.

Jeremy Paxman spent his teenage years at Stonebow House (now a residential care home). John Snow, former England fast bowler, was born in the Old Vicarage, now Langland House, next door to The Crown Inn




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