Be a volunteer

The Pantry is operated almost entirely by volunteers. The only paid employee is Steve Dexter, who is the post master and the shop manager.

Volunteers do a range of jobs. Most serve in the shop, usually for 2 or 3 hour s a week. This is a great opportunity both to help the community shop as well as to meet many of your neighbours. It can be a very social few hours.

Other volunteers go to the cash and carry to buy stock or collect the meat order from Ragley. Some take cardboard and other waste to the tip. Several work hard behind the scenes banking our takings and keeping accounts.

On Wednesday mornings,  a small team of ladies organise the coffee morning with home-baked cakes.

An outing is arranged for volunteers every year around Christmas time. This year we are going to the carol service at Birmingham Cathedral.

If you are interested in helping in The Pantry, please have a word with Steve. Any help is appreciated.

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